Members of The Future cohort established "FEMMES"

Earlier this year we hosted our third The Future workshops and members from that cohort started their own project with funding from us! We reallocated our budget, provided support with admin and budgeting and other fun stuff. It’s a new series of workshops and you can find out more details below!

What IF We Combined Technology, Accessibility, & Creativity With Inclusivity? 

How This WOC-Led Collective Is Harnessing the Possibilities of Interactive Fiction among womxn, nonbinary people, and femmes of colour

VANCOUVER, BC, August 24 – Femmes Engaging Multimedia and Evolving Systems (FEMMES), a Vancouver-based collective supporting womxn, nonbinary people, and femmes of colour has opened applications for a series of free workshops from September 29th to October 19th where participants will create works of interactive fiction and, in the process, learn valuable skills like coding, project management, creative writing, and more. Given how educational spaces in tech and writing can magnify the power structures that exclude marginalized groups, these workshops have been curated with the intent to directly combat social and monetary gatekeeping, and to ultimately realize the participants’ creative talents and potentials. We hope our participants will gain the skills and confidence to break into the often male- and white-dominated field of technology.

Interactive fiction (IF) lies somewhere between a videogame and a choose-your-own-adventure book: it’s a creative narrative medium of which direction is in the player’s hands. It can range from the silly and sensational to the sociopolitical to the saccharine yet spooky and beyond, while crisscrossing multiple artistic disciplines. Art and design, writing, coding, and, most of all, you all have their place in IF. That’s where FEMMES joins the conversation.

After meeting through the empowering, educational workshops from The Future is You and Me, a local program which supports young women of colour to take on leadership positions in gated creative industries, FEMMES founders Kyla Yin James (kyinskies), Sunny Chen (Objets d’ Arc), and Chimedum Ohaegbu decided to use what they learned to spark a new project. Their varied artistic backgrounds led them to concentrate on the intersection of technology, accessibility, and creativity. Interactive fiction came to mind: think of how much the digital sphere and how we communicate with it, and each other, has changed in the face of new media and interdisciplinary creativity?

So it’s appropriate that the abbreviation for interactive fiction is IF, because FEMMES focuses on possibilities, on the potential behind every ‘what if’: what if we brought our marginalized community together to build each other up, just as we build our stories? And what if learning and its applications were equally important to this adventure?

FEMMES will explore and expand these questions and their variety of answers within the community. Their goal is to provide opportunities for womxn and nonbinary people of colour to create works of interactive fiction, and develop the skills this medium demands. Through workshops and panel discussions, participants will get to harness their creativity, and practice the technological savvy that’s increasingly valuable in today’s world, coming away with the beginnings (or middles, or even ends!) of an IF project. 

For interview & other media inquiries, please contact Mahtab Laghaei at

Third time's a charm: Meet the Winter 2019 cohort

Just as the snow arrived this year, we closed the winter 2019 iteration of The Future is You and Me, a series of five workshops over five Saturdays.

This year’s cohort brought exceptional energy, talent, criticality, and kindness to The Future. We are filled with gratitude for the time we were able to spend together to explore ideas around gender, race, creativity, leadership, and community with this group of 11 emerging creatives whose bios are below. They are ready to make their marks!

Our thanks to the stellar group of mentors and guests who supported this series of workshops, our funders: Canada Council for the Arts and the City of Vancouver Cultural Services, and The Post at 750, for being fantastic hosts. And to you for your interest in The Future and our mission to foster women of colour leaders in the arts sector.

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Looking forward!

Kristin, Simranpreet, & Megan

The Winter 2019 cohort with Natasha Neale and Jen Sungshine (back row).

The Winter 2019 cohort with Natasha Neale and Jen Sungshine (back row).

Audie Murray - Audie Murray is a multi-disciplinary Michif artist who grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. She has completed a visual arts diploma at Camosun College in 2016 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Regina in 2017. She works with a variety of mediums including beadwork, drawing, and sculpture. Her work explores ideas around labour, connection, and identity while honouring her community and ancestors.

Chimedum Ohaegbu - Chimedum Ohaegbu attends UBC in pursuit of hummingbird sightings and a dual degree in English literature and creative writing. She is Uncanny Magazine’s assistant editor and the recipient of the 2017 Tan Seagull Scholarship for Young Writers, and her work is published in Strange Horizons, This Magazine, and The Ubyssey.

Corrina Tang - Corrina is a designer and photographer who creates work that reflects her sensitivity and passion for vulnerability. She enjoys creating communities where people with similar passions can come together. Corrina is usually around Vancouver looking for the best fried chicken or just snuggled at home binging another Netflix series.

Elysse Cloma - I'm Elysse Cloma, I'm a Filipinx settler and my chosen pronouns are she/her. I'm passionate about social justice, media and communication, and music. In my creative endeavours, I’m usually trying to find a way to make all of the above interests meet.

Joni Cheung - Joni Cheung is a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts, an emerging interdisciplinary artist|curator|writer, and a grateful, uninvited guest on unceded Coast Salish territories. Currently, she is working at Centre A as their Research & Public Programmes Assistant while furthering her practice and academic career.

Kathy Nguyen - Kathy Nguyen writes and doodles. One day soon, she would like to explore the world and live among well-loved books in a bookstore. Right now, she helps out at a lab that studies infant cognition. She studies Behavioural Neuroscience and English Literature at the University of British Columbia.

Kayla Isomura - Kayla Isomura is a photographer whose work has been exhibited at the Nikkei National Museum and appeared in numerous publications. With a background in journalism, her interest in storytelling through multimedia has been influenced by her Asian Canadian roots. She is currently exploring themes of intergenerational trauma and racialized identity.

Kyla James - Kyla is an interdisciplinary illustrator and designer from Vancouver. Her work is inspired by underground music, the occult, sociopolitical systems, and her mixed heritage. She has a mural on display with Vancouver Mural Fest. Kyla also contributes her illustration, motion graphics and design skills to local events and nonprofits.

Maneesa Sotheeswaran - As a first generation immigrant, I'm a Sri Lankan-Canadian, Tamil-speaking, post-colonial feminist, riddled with bundles of anxiety and trauma. When I'm not working or studying, I enjoy critically consuming cultural commodities or creative expression and mindful experiences, such as, hiking, finger painting, kneading dough, and laying on flat surfaces.

Rebecca Peng - Rebecca Peng is originally from a snowier region of the country. She indulges in writing, visual art, and elaborate costume parties. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with an Honours degree in English Literature and currently works in publicity.

Savannah Erasmus - Savannah Erasmus is a young Cree woman from Kikino, Alberta. She is a journalism student that hopes to contribute to the positive representation of Indigenous nations in Canadian media. In addition to her studies, Savannah explores the world of stand up comedy. She attempts to use comedy + laughter to confront the colonial stereotypes that limit Indigenous people in Canada today, while making others laugh and reflect on their own privilege.

Our last day!

Our last day!

Come work with us!

Hello friends,
We’ve been on hiatus for the past year, fundraising and planning. We’re so excited to receive funding and now have the ability to hire a part-time, contracted Program Coordinator. Our goal is to engage young women of colour in the creative and arts sector through mentorship workshops, but another path is to support our colleagues through paid employment. Our Program Coordinator position is looking for someone like you — sharing similar values around the intersection of feminism and diversity, and who energetic and organized. You’ll be part of team, joining our meetings, eating snacks with us, and promoting and planning our next cohort in 2019.

Details are here

Apply by October 13, 2018.


The Future is You and Me - Program Coordinator

Start date:  November 2018
Contract length: 45 hours
Weekly hours: flexible + 6 sessions x 3-4 hours
Reports to: Kristin Cheung and Megan Lau, co-founders
Compensation: $1,000 + overtime, if applicable
Work location: Remotely, at program venue, and with some meetings at locations TBD


The Future Is You and Me Program Coordinator is a new role for this unique leadership program. In its third iteration, The Future is now seeking support to evolve the program and make its offerings more robust, organized, accessible and impactful. The Coordinator will lead outreach and support communications and promotion for the program. They are also key in facilitating a supportive and welcoming environment for participants and speakers.

This individual will work closely with Megan Lau and Kristin Cheung, the co-founders of the program.

The Future Is You and Me is a program designed to support young women of colour to take on leadership positions in creative and arts organizations. Our goal is to engage a group of young and creative women to build skills through mentorship and workshops facilitated by the leaders of today. The program will also provide networking opportunities for participants to form relationships with established creative professionals.

The successful candidate must be available from 10am-3pm on all five workshop days. The schedule for the Winter 2019 cohort will be:

  • Saturday, January 12

  • Saturday, January 19

  • Saturday, January 26

  • Saturday, February 2

  • Saturday, February 9

Priorities/key tasks:

  • Outreach - Promote workshops to educational institutions, youth organizations, women-oriented/feminist organizations (locally/nationally), student unions and clubs.

  • Social media - Documenting and sharing program activities; documenting participants stories (through photo and video)

  • Participant and speaker engagement - Supporting people and culture stuff!

  • Administrative support / Supply pickups - Coordinating food and facilitation materials for each workshop day. Administrative tasks as needed, including: assisting with post-workshop surveys, supporting future grant/funding applications

What you bring to the role:

  • You are a woman of colour and are passionate about supporting equity in the arts

  • Previous experience working with youth

  • Some experience with marketing and communication, with an interest to develop skills

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Professionalism and strong interpersonal skills

  • You are proactive and able to learn and work independently


  • Opportunity to develop program with the co-founders

  • Access to all speakers and workshops

  • Connections with participants, speakers, and extended program network

  • Leadership opportunities

To apply, please submit:

  • a cover letter

  • résumé

  • links to a project or something that you’re proud of (e.g. portfolio, a piece of writing, media coverage, social media presence, etc.)

…. to with the subject line “Application - Program Coordinator.”

The Future in Room Magazine

Thank you to Room Magazine editorial board member Kayi Wong for this great Q&A! We loved sharing why The Future matters to us.

Kristin Cheung: I attended a few Growing Room Festival events and one of the parallel points is that there is always a need for young women to connect and collaborate with each other. Even looking back at Room’s history in the '70s with women coming together to promote feminist literature, we still have those priorities today and perhaps they’re even more prevalent given the current political and world climate.

My personal, biggest takeaway is that I originally conceived of this project to be targeted to artists and art administrators in the general art disciplines of literary arts, dance, music, theatre, visual arts, etc—the disciplines that grantors tell you to compartmentalize your art practice. But through this journey, we are seeing a younger generation of creatives and artists that are expanding their definition of artists to include Youtubers, podcasters, people who want to build a platform and integrate more digital media as part of their work. So what we have to do as cultural facilitators is to be nimble and work with the evolution of artists and cultural practitioners.

Read the full interview at

That's a wrap! Our second cohort graduates

Over the last four weekends, we had the pleasure of spending time with a group of 10 powerful young women of colour. Our second cohort came together each week, and together, we shared our knowledge and experience. Learn more about these awesome individuals in the bios below.

We started a new micro-grants program, where Future participants could apply the knowledge they learned in the program and use it to fund their own projects.

Three projects were funded:  

  • An online database showcasing various writing opportunities for women and femmes of colour, launching September 2017 - led by Joy Gyamfi
  • A showcase of ceramic sculptures highlighting female architects and raising funds for a local women's organization - led by Shanene Lau
  • A workshop teaching women the fundamentals of tattoo art and technique - led by Jana Ghimire

These young women are now building new platforms for women in the arts, literary and creative sectors that support their communities. We are so excited to see these projects and collaborations come to life.

And finally, we have nothing but gratitude for our participants, partners, and speakers — you've strengthened our belief that the Future is You and Me! In sharing your stories, time, and wisdom, we've sown the seeds for more opportunities for creative women of colour, magic, and transformative conversations. 

See you next time!
Megan & Kristin


Esther Chen is a writer and student at the University of British Columbia, currently pursuing her BFA in Creative Writing. Her work can be found in Ricepaper, Poetry is Dead, and Poetry Breakfast, as well as online at

Jana Ghimire loves to give overly detailed advice about anything and everything, whether that be deliberating over selfies for your new profile picture to educating ignorant acquaintances about activism. Currently in her third year of studies, Jana majors in Visual Arts at SFU and aspires to a career in curation or arts administration. Often employing photography, collage, and tactile sculptural forms, her artwork to date has been exhibited at Audain Gallery, James Black Gallery, and Cityscape Gallery.

Josella Tan is a 22-year old Filipino-Canadian lover of the arts. When she's not staring at her computer, she's out petting dogs, taking photos, and hanging out at THRIVE Art Studio.

Joy Gyamfi is a black queer student at UBC, where she studies Psychology and English Literature. Joy is also an organizer and member of the Black Lives Matter Vancouver Collective, actively working to uplift black voices in the city. Joy has recently been published in The Garden Statuary–UBC's Undergraduate Literary Journal.

Ketty Zhang is a visual artist and gelato enthusiast born in Chaoyang, China. When she's not working away on her laptop at a cafe, she likes to pet-sit, eat fusion food, and figure out weird experiences to try out. She's currently working on a solo exhibition that explores Generation 1.5 identities.

With an unequivocal passion for people, ideas, and collaboration, Melissa Ong continues to seek moments for creative expression. Fuelled by her artistic upbringing as a former ballet dancer, she has embraced the shameless daydreamer and hopeful photographer in herself. She is beyond thrilled to join The Future You’s Spring 2017 cohort!

Hello! My name is Mwango Moragia. I was born and raised in Kenya but since coming to Vancouver for school in 2011, I have found a second place to call home. I'm passionate about culture, communication and media. In my spare time you can find me cooking, writing poetry and recycling wine bottles into cool art pieces!

Hi, I'm Shanene Lau! I'm currently a full time design student at Capilano U and a part time potter alongside my classmate; w've been making ceramic homeware as Halsion Collective or the past nine months. When I'm not glued to my laptop or covered in clay, I dabble in illustration, oil painting, needle felting, knitting and various other handicrafts. If I'm involved in any sort of creative project, I'm happy.

Simranpreet Anand comes to the Future from the University of British Columbia where she is working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours in Visual Arts. In her interdisciplinary artistic practice she engages with the topics of psychology, feminism, and transculturation and how they interrelate and collide with one another in modern society.

Zahida Rahemtulla studied Literature at New York University in New York and Abu Dhabi, where she also took courses in film and theatre. She enjoys writing most and is currently developing a play and writing grant applications for a film about the post-arrival experience for refugees in Vancouver. She works for Pacific Immigrant Resources Society.

Announcing Micro Grants for The Future!

Sometimes you meet someone and you know they're going to be a good friend. That's what it felt like in our first meeting with the branch managers at Vancity's Vancouver Downtown Community Branch. Adanma and Lisa were supportive, understood our project and our commitment to building a community for young women. 

When we came back to Vancity this spring, they were happy to be sponsors for our second offering of workshops. They were also interested in deepening their involvement. So, for our recent Funding & Finances session, Vancity Each One, Teach One facilitators Heather and Meral shared some essential lessons about budgeting and credit history. 

Each One, Teach One with Vancity.

Each One, Teach One with Vancity.

With their commitment to investing in communities, Vancity was also interested in supporting our participants with their creative projects.

This spring, in partnership with Vancity, we are providing two micro grants of $250 to participants who demonstrate capacity, creativity, and a plan for a creative initiative. The funds will give life to unique projects that are just a small contribution away from take off, and will enable the recipients to try out their ideas with less personal risk.

The grantees will be selected by their peers at the final session of the program. 

As the program organizers, we will mentor the participants through their project and oversee the budget. Winners will be asked to provide a brief final report to The Future and Vancity by November 2017.

Thank you, Vancity, for your support. We look forward to more collaborations with you!

Are You The Future?

Applications for the Spring 2017 session of The Future is You and Me are now open!

It's been four months(!) since our inaugural workshop series wrapped, and it was high time to come back to the HiVE for more learning, sharing, and community building.


We know that there are countless creative young women in Vancouver who are doing amazing things. So many of you applied for the fall session, and we've yet to hear from many more.

You are the diversity we need to make our organizations stronger, and to make art about the beauty, messiness, and plenty of our lives.

So, join us for our Spring 2017 session. Over four weekends (and five sessions), we'll help you to develop creative and professional skills, and meet some pretty amazing humans

Apply now — the deadline is April 1, 2017. 

If you'd like to support The Future is You and Me, help us spread the word! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also download and post our posters where you work and play!