This team is comprised of awesome women who have made amazing things happen. We know each other through the arts community and we're fans of each other. We want to learn from one another because we have so much knowledge to share.

Join us and become part of this growing team of doers, makers, and creatives.


Kristin Cheung

cat OBSESSed & thinker of ideas

Kristin loves consuming cultural products (art, film, books, zines, YouTube videos) and facilitating arts and creative projects. Kristin has worked as an Arts Administrator and fundraiser for organizations such as VIFF, Contemporary Art Gallery, Gateway Theatre, Ricepaper magazine, Geist magazine.

Kristin has graduated with a Masters in Arts Administration & Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths University of London. She’s hosted panel discussions, talks, radio shows, community cultural events and collaborating on projects like this!


Megan Lau

anxious optimist & snack CONNOISSEUR

Megan began her creative life carefully arranging her crayons according to the colours of the rainbow. In other words, she has always been an organizer. Megan has been active in the local arts and culture community as a writer, editor and programmer for the past decade.

She holds a Master of Publishing from Simon Fraser University. Her writing has appeared in publications across Canada, including Maisonneuve, Megaphone, Hayo, ShamelessRicepaper magazine, and Reader's Digest. She also makes a great apple pie. 


Simranpreet Anand

Warm Weather Lover & Cynical Realist 

Simranpreet is an artist and cultural worker. In her artistic work she is interested in misunderstanding, failure, humour, boundaries, and language. 

Alongside her material process, Simranpreet is committed to a socially engaged practice, having worked on community engagement and education projects with the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, documenta 14, the Hatch Art Gallery, Rungh magazine, and the Surrey Art Gallery.


Doers & Dreamers

this is our community of amazing presenters, old & new. 
See the speakers page for more information.

Jackie Wong
Writer and Facilitator

Katie Stewart
Director of Social Impact at HiVE
Co-Publisher & Cre­ative Director, SAD Mag

Michelle Cyca
Co-Publisher, SAD Mag

Kristin Ramsey
Editorial Manager, Quietly
Co-Chair, SAD Mag

Nicole Wong
Social Media / Content Coordinator, HRA Group

Debra Zhou
Communications Manager, Vancouver Art Gallery

Elaine Chau
Associate Producer, CBC Radio

Natasha Neale
Co-Founder, Note Bookkeeping
Co-Founder, Little Mountain Shop

Alice Bai
Co-Founder, Note Bookkeeping
Co-Founder, Little Mountain Shop

Michelle Fu
Co-founder, 221A

Jane Koo
Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Jen Sungshine

Melanie Matining
Activist and Community Organizer

Vanessa Richards
Artist and Community Engagement Facilitator

Wanyee Li
Journalist, Metro News

Anita Cheung
Co-founder and Brand Director, MOMENT Meditation