The Future in Room Magazine

Thank you to Room Magazine editorial board member Kayi Wong for this great Q&A! We loved sharing why The Future matters to us.

Kristin Cheung: I attended a few Growing Room Festival events and one of the parallel points is that there is always a need for young women to connect and collaborate with each other. Even looking back at Room’s history in the '70s with women coming together to promote feminist literature, we still have those priorities today and perhaps they’re even more prevalent given the current political and world climate.

My personal, biggest takeaway is that I originally conceived of this project to be targeted to artists and art administrators in the general art disciplines of literary arts, dance, music, theatre, visual arts, etc—the disciplines that grantors tell you to compartmentalize your art practice. But through this journey, we are seeing a younger generation of creatives and artists that are expanding their definition of artists to include Youtubers, podcasters, people who want to build a platform and integrate more digital media as part of their work. So what we have to do as cultural facilitators is to be nimble and work with the evolution of artists and cultural practitioners.

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